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Read fresh ideas about cleaning rugs and upholstery properly. Learn how to clean suede sofas without ruining them and how to remove stains once and for all.

How to protect suede sofas

Suede is a beautiful material but you must keep your eyes open for stains. Stain removal must take place right away. Of course, there are excellent stain repellents on the market which will make the material resistant to stains according to experts of Carpet Cleaning Yorba Linda. Hence, sofa cleaning would be easy. Just remember to spray the stain repellent again in due time.

How to clean suede sofas

Water spills should not worry you, especially if you absorb moisture with a clean cloth at once. For stain removal you can use suede shoe cleaners scrubbing the surface gently. You can also use rubbing alcohol but you should test it at one corner first to avoid discoloration. On weekly basis, you should use a brush or suede cloth to keep the nap in good condition.

Remove stains instantly

Carpets get stained every single day. They actually enjoy our coffee, pizza and chocolate with us. Or are they suffering? Over concentrated dirt is actually bad for your carpets. Microorganisms will eventually grow and multiply under your feet and if you avoid stain removal, mold will also develop. It's best to treat stains right away with good ecofriendly products.

Do not place flower pots on carpets and rugs

Due to the lack of air circulation under the pots, these areas may get moist and mold can grow and damage the fibers. Furthermore, some fertilizers can leave stains when spilled accidentally while others form powder which absorbs moisture. This powder may also damage the dye of the carpet. For all of these reasons, it is best to keep pots with plants on hard floors.


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