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Below you will find answers to the usual questions about carpet cleaning.

Are all rugs appropriate for my office?

The question is which rugs will make your life easier and you won't have to do rug cleaning every single day. You must avoid placing carpets in high foot traffic areas. If you have a private office, all oriental rugs would look great in front of the library or desk. You just need to remember that good carpet cleaning is essential not only for your own health but to impress customers, too.

Should I get just any stain removal agent for my carpet?

Carpet cleaning Yorba Linda experts can give no guarantee regarding the effectiveness of any and all stain removal agents, but they are generally at least somewhat effective. If you wish to have a guarantee, get the advice of friends regarding what they use for stain removal.

I have young children, is it worth keeping the carpet?

It’s true that having young children at home drastically increases the chances of carpet staining, but if you have a few cleaning products at the ready, it isn’t too big a deal. Carpet cleaner experts at Yorba Linda recommend cleaning the carpet once or twice a week if there are children.

How do I remove carpet odors?

Most carpet cleaning services offer odor removal by using eco friendly products that are tough on the odor, but gentle on your carpet. Bad odor can be caused by different reasons, but odor removal can fix any of these smelly problems. Keep the carpet clean to avoid odor buildup.

How often should I have my tile and grout cleaned?

Your tiles and the grout around them should be cleaned about every 1 to 3 years depending on how much traffic it receives. A sealant can also be applied which can stop moisture and dirt from penetrating the grout. The sealant will also make the grout easier to clean and lessen the chance of discoloration. Give our technicians a call today to schedule an appointment to keep your tiles looking beautiful every day of the year.

Do handmade rugs match with modern furniture?

The amazing thing about handmade Persian rugs is that they look good in most homes regardless of the style. In fact, they might be perfect in modern houses since they will break the monotony of the one-style decoration and add some elegance to the room. Try placing them at one part of the living room without any furniture over them. They will look fantastic especially if you do rug cleaning often according to Carpet Cleaning Yorba Linda.


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